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Car seat rental Terms and Conditions

The Company (Kindersitzprofis) shall rent a Car seat to the Customer in accordance with the Customer Order, which is confirmed by email.

Available Car seats

1. Baby Seat: Besafe iZi Go Modular i-Size incl. Base Station

2. Toddler Seat (Reboarder): Besafe iZi Modular i-Size

3. Forward facing seat for elder children: Besafe iZi Up X3 Fix

Handover of the Car seat

The Child car seat should be handed over on the day of Collection in Mallorca, Gran Canaria or Fuerteventura. We will inform you about the details and collection place by email. The Customer must inform the Company about the number, date and time of the flight (also in case of changes) in order to plan the collection and handover time. Handover of the Car seat must be done on the last day of booking.

Rental fee

The Rental fee for the Car seat(s) is 12,00 € if booking up to 7 days. The Rental fee is 11,00 € if booking up to 14 days and 10,00 € if booking up to 21 days. If one or more additional Car seats are booked in the same booking period, the Rental fee is reduced once by 20,00 €. The Rental fee price is settled before the collection of the Car seat as a part of a multiple booking.


There is a deposit of 200,00 € per Car seat, which is charged either by booking or at least 4 weeks before the agreed start of the Car rental. If you choose the payment method "advance payment and transfer of the deposit at least 4 weeks before the start of the rental period", the Company is entitled to cancel the Rental agreement if the Customer fails to fulfill his payment obligations. If the full payment is not received by one working day before the start of the rental, the Company will charge the Customer 70% of the full rental price. The Deposit will be refunded within 14 days of the handover. The Customer should provide the necessary account details and booking number to the Company but no later than at the time of handover by sending the information to


A prolongation of the agreed rental period can only be done, if the Customer requests this no later than 2 days before the handover date. There is no entitlement to a prolongation of the rental period, as this depends on the current availability of the Car seats.

Delay of handover

If the rented Car seat is not returned in due time, an extra fee of 15.00 € per Car seat must be paid for each extra day by the Customer.

Damage to the rented item

Customer is aware that every traffic accident can damage the Car seat so that it is no longer safe. This also applies in the event if the Car seat or the Base station has fallen or any other occurrence that could have led to damage to the items. The Customer must immediately notify the Company of any damage to the rented item(s) resulting from a traffic accident or fall. The Company bears the replacement costs. In the event of a car accident, the Car seat should also be included in the police report if possible.

The Customer is liable from the collection to the proper return of the rented item(s) for any damage for which he is responsible, except for the events described in the above paragraph; likewise in case of loss of the item(s).

The Customer must return the Car seat(s), in original form, as the Customer received it.

The Customer guarantees that the rented Car seat(s) will not come into contact with animals. The Customer also guarantees that the Car seat(s) will not be stored in places with exposure to the cigarette smoke. Should the Customer nevertheless expose the Car seat(s) to contact with animals or cigarette smoke, the Customer must pay cleaning costs of 50,00 € per rental item to the Company. This also applies to excessive soiling of items(s) that goes beyond everyday use. The Customer is entitled to compensate the costs incurred with the deposit within 14 days after the Car seat(s) have been returned.

Termination of booking

A Termination of the booking can be made free of charge in writing by the Customer up to 7 days before the rental item is handed over. When the Customer cancels the booking in less than 7 days before handing over the rental item(s), the Company will charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the total rental price. A termination of the booking for operational reasons is also possible by the Company.




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